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The World Awaits You

The World Awaits You
Millions of Things Are Happening. All You Need to do is Find Them.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Lesson 2: Maps and The News

For this lesson click on one of the following links (or search on your own) and find a simple news article of something happening in the world:

Read the article and write down the following:
1. Where in the world did this article take place (if you need to look at a map click here:

2. Using your textbooks given out in class write down five descriptive sentences about this place

3. Write a brief summary of the article.

Post your findings below and turn in copy to me in class.


  1. Josh, I love the title! The assignment looks like you could gear it to a bridge or GED student. What level are you offering this to? I can tell you like geography! -Therese

  2. Josh,

    These blogs keep getting better and better! I'm impressed with all the choices you've provided to your students. Great job! ~Natalie

  3. New Orleans/Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill

    Written by: Jacob Bushman

    New Orleans has had it’s few share of issues in the past years. One being a huge Hurricane, called Hurricane Katrina. Now New Orleans is faced with another problem. Along the gulf of Mexico, in New Orleans water they are having a Tremendis Oil Spill. There are three main leaks at the deepwater oil well. BP PLC has managed to cap one of the three oil leaks. Although the cap of one oil well will not be expected to reduce the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico. Caping an oil well doesn’t lessen the flow, it just simplifies the number of leak points in the water. Contractor Crews were Putting the finishing touches Tuesday on the 100 ton containment dome. About 50 miles off the shore a undersea well is spewing atleast 210,000 Gallons of crude a day into the Gulf Of Mexico. Other than the bad that has happened to New Orleanes, they have very many great things about the place to. One being beautifull weather and tropical atmosphere. Also the population isn’t extremely huge like New york or a big city. Although along with that tropical weather comes hurricanes. The southeastern U.S.A has hurricanes regularly strike often. Even though it is much tropic towards the gulf, It is very forest and woodland the more north you go.As you can see New Orleans and the southeastern states have there fair share of good and bad things, as so many other states as well.

  4. There is One really good thing i like about this assighnment. i got to pick what article to write about and got to choose what website to use for the information. It makes things easyer for me when i can write about something i like or interests me, not just another story something that i personally like.

  5. 1.Somalia a coastal country of Africa

    2. below
    1.Conflict in somalia has displaced more then 400,000 of the nations inhabitants
    3.The capital of somalia is Mogadishu
    4. somalia has mountains in the north
    5.the pirates are found in the Gulf of Aden

    3. The article is about stopping piracy. A Russian warship to help an oil tanker that was being attacked by pirates. From what I understand they are trying stop the pirates by taking over their command post one by one, but theirs one problem they cant catch them they keep on fledging.

  6. Posted for Cole through teacher account

  7. I think this is better then sitting in side a classroom.It alows me to work at my own pace

  8. MY Blog Experience

    I enjoy the blog's ability to engage students while giving them autonomy and space to explore on their own. The blog, when laid out correctly, can be a curriculum unto itself or a piece of curiculum as I have established it here.

    I think the using it as a component of a class gives you the best of both worlds. It uses the strengths of the blog:
    1. technology introduction and application
    2. autonomy and empowerment (control) over the lesson for the student
    3. engaging diverse materials otherwise unavailable
    4. Allowing the teacher to give perameters and directions without stifiling the student
    5. Time for student to get work done on their terms
    6. A safe place to experiment

    WITH the strengths of the classroom
    1. IN PERSON Interpersonal COMMUNICATION
    (No substitute for this)
    2. Teacher to student face to face time
    3. Use of texts and other nontechnological materials
    4. Use of other learning styles difficult to produce on the web
    5. Helping students as they learnand become comfortable with technology and assignments.

    Overall this was a great experience and one I plan to adapt into my lessons. The only problem is our lack of computers. With only four working computers it is difficult to have everyone on them for a lesson, but I am planning to have a class ongoing during our tutring time that is blog only. It should be really great!!!!